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? MCL 2.0 on a Centris 610

>And while we're at it, are there any problems 
>expected on a Centris 650?  That's what my colleagues
>are thinking of buying, as a platform for MCL2.0 work.
>bob futrelle

With any Centris, the question is whether the system contains a standard
68040 or a 68040LC -- that is, whether the system has an FPU (the 68040LC
has no FPU). If it does, then vanilla MCL 2.0 will work just fine; if it
doesn't, you'll need to apply the Centris patch. The 68040 changed the
FLINE exception mechanism slightly (i.e., it changed what happens when you
call a floating point operation when no FPU exists). MCL relies on that
mechanism: it calls its own floating point emulator when this happens.

The patch is available for anonymous FTP from cambridge.apple.com
(pub/MCL2/patches/Centris-without-FPU/FPU-.hqx), or from the archive-server
(see the MCL 2.0 Release Notes for details), or ask me and I'll send it to
you by email.

Mark Preece
Apple ATG East.