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color, text, and bitmaps

On Tue Jun 15 16:44:47 1993, Anthony M. Leonardo writes:
  I'm using quickdraw as a visual interface for this production system i'm
  designing. Computational operations are done on bitmaps, and the results
  are displayed in windows via a grafport. The problem I've run into is
  that I'm trying to incorparate some text and color into the windows (the
  text is more important though), and none of this information seems to be
  able to be encoded into the bitmaps directly.
If you want to ensure that the picture contains the text and color,
you'll need to 
1. ensure that the window is color
2. use a pixel map (not a bit map)
3. either create a picture that is the result of drawing the pixmap
   and the text  in the correct order so that one does not unintentionally
   obscure the other
   or create an internal data structure (e.g. an object with slots) which
   contains the bitmap information and the text information and develop
   a class of windows which display the object (view-draw-contents).