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Analogue input for MCL

There is a large selection of A/D boards. One way to 
get answers to questions like yours is to check an
industry catalog like the Redgate Registry. 

They maintain a comprehensive database of Apple-related
products, and offer online search and retrieval, CD-ROMs
(with demos and screen shots of products) as well
as hardcopy catalogs subscriptions. For more info, contact

Redgate Communications Corp
The Macintosh Product Registry
660 Beachland Blvd.
Vero Beach, FL 32963
800-333-8760 (in the USA)
email X0389@applelink.apple.com

This is rather beyond the scope of the MCL list, but to
answer your urgent question, some vendors of A/D boards and 
acquisition software for the Mac are:

National Instruments
6504 Bridge Point Pkwy.
Austin, TX  78730
512-794-8411 (fax)
GW Instruments
35 Medford St.
Somerville, MA  02143
617-625-1322 (fax)

World Precision Instruments, Inc.
175 Sarasota Center Blvd.
Sarasota, FL  34240
813-377-5428 (fax)

Spectral Innovations, Inc.
1885 Lundy Ave., Ste. 208
San Jose, CA  95131
408-955-0370 (fax)

Mark of the Unicorn, Inc.
1280 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA  02138
617-576-3609 (fax)