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    Date: Mon, 28 Jun 1993 13:57 EDT
    From: jonl@lucid.com (Jon L White)

    re: I am now porting the system to Lucid and am missing greatly the 
	function catch-errors or some equivalent from the Lucid implementation.

    So would a satisfactory replacement for CATCH-ERRORS  be simply what
    Keunen suggested?  a handler-case on condition ERROR around your
    driver loop?
    -- JonL --

That reminds me that I only checked the Lucid documentation and Common
Lisp 1st ed.  I just looked at Common Lisp 2nd ed and found
ignore-errors, which does the same thing as catch-errors (module
dissecting the condition structure).  Thus, the basic machinery for
intercepting errors is available.

Thanks for the response.

-Bill Long