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apple-events Q: open an application from MCL

Could someone help me how to open an application
from MCL using apple-events.

In the file APPLEEVENTS-TOOLKIT in the examples folder
there is a simple demo for communication with HyperCard
which I adopted easily to my needs. 
But it presumes that HyperCard is already running.

How to start a not running application? It should be 
very easy, but I don't see it. In HyperTalk this is 
done simply (f.i. by "open Document with application") and
even worked in System 6.

There is an event called "oapp", and the function create-oapp,
but this seems also to need the process to run already.
Another idea would be to send an "odoc" to the Finder, but I
didn't get that to work either.

Could please someone help me with this?