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looking for initargs of make-instance

In article <poeck-040793172755@wina65.informatik.uni-wuerzburg.de> poeck@informatik.uni-wuerzburg.de (Karsten Poeck) writes:
>In article <vogtC9MJ8t.941@netcom.com>, vogt@netcom.com (Christopher J.
>Vogt) wrote:
>> I'm trying to write a function that will list all of the initargs
>> that are available when I do a make-instance, and I don't seem to be
>> able to find them all, maybe it isn't possible?  
>You should add
>(function-keywords (find-method #'ccl::window-make-parts
>                                  nil (list (find-class 'window))
>                                  nil
>                                  ))
>to your function, since initialize-instance ((window window)) calls
>ccl::window-make-parts.I don't know why MCL does not complain about these
>keywords, perhaps there is somewhere a &allow-other-keys clause in

Actually, I'm interested in the general solution, if there is one.

But this brings up another question (I guess I'm really ignorant about
CLOS).  I expected that when I do:
   (specializer-direct-methods (find-class 'window))
one of the mthods listed would be 'ccl::window-make-parts, but
it is not there.  So now I want to know where it is hiding!?
Because I am also interested in knowing all applicable methods
for an instance of a class, and I cannot find this method, although
it does exists when you do (find-method ...

Christopher J. Vogt vogt@netcom.COM
From: El Eh, CA