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Slow I/O part II

You made a couple of suggestions to my original posting.
I'll be testing them. Meanwhile here is a more quantified example.
Notice I'm doing some small parsing as I read along in the file. I'll make a test without, this with little faith though.

This is the actual code with the resulting timing run-down from (time ...)

This run on a MacIIcx with 5Mb allocated to MCL
The file in the example is a spice-file (ascii) of 379 lines and 14997 chars.
There You have it all ... Thanx

;*********TIMING COST********************
(MAKE-MASTERLIST "codes-sz:optimoser-clos:spice-netlists:adder.2bit.ss") took 15492 milliseconds (15.492 seconds) to run.
Of that, 449 milliseconds (0.449 seconds) were spent in The Cooperative Multitasking Experience.
 182792 bytes of memory allocated.

(DEFUN Make-MasterList (iFileName )
  "Reads the iFileName and creates a list of all useful lines "
  (LET ( 
        (Master-list  '())
        (NLdel         "")  ;each new line with deleted unwanted characters
      (IFile IFileName)
        ((NL (READ-LINE iFile Nil iFile) (READ-LINE iFile Nil iFile))  
          (i 0 (1+ i)) )   
        ((EQ NL iFile) "Msg: End of File" ) ; Do end condition
       (WHEN (NOT (STRING-EQUAL NL "")) ;skip empty lines
        (IF (is-comment-line? NL)              ;eliminate chars that trouble Read-From-String like vertical-bar
          (SETQ NLdel (Delete-unwed-chars NL))   ;eliminate the unwanted chars that usually only happen in comment lines
          (SETQ NLdel NL))                       ;can't do this to all lines. eg. points in non-comment lines could be like in  0.756       
        (IF (IS-USEFUL-LINE? NLdel)
          (PUSH NLdel Master-list)) )  ))    ;; a list of non-comment lines       
(NREVERSE Master-list)