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Several Problems

On Sun Jul 11 05:54:00, Walker Sigismund writes about four problems that
he is having in MCL2 (named a-d).  This response contains a brief summary
of questions c and d and responses to both.


c) Why is it that MCL crashes when WINDOW-HARDCOPY is sent a TRUE
optional show-dialog? argument?
Since you're trying to use window-hardcopy to print graphical windows,
you might be interested in print-u.lisp.hqx in the /pub/MCL2/contrib
directory. This utility enables you to associate a "remembered" print
(page setup) record with each file. Set the global variable ccl::*debugging*
to t and you'll receive more debugging information about your problem

d) Opening application documents
   To retrieve the name of the file which "launched" the application,
   you need to use (finder-parameters). Here is a partial example from
   the binhex.lisp file in the binhex folder in the examples folder:
       (let ((file-list (finder-parameters)))
      (when (eq (car file-list) :open)
        (dolist (f (cdr file-list))
          (let ((type (mac-file-type f)))
            (if (eq type :text)
              (binhex-decode f)
              ; this should never happen because binhex won't be the creator
              ; of any non-text files
              (binhex-encode-get-outfile f))))))))
    In your toplevel function you need to call (finder-parameters) and 
    the handle each of the files.