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Need Regular Expression Parser

At 15:59 14/07/93 +0000, Lumin, Philip Hainline,PAS wrote :
>I'm looking for an implementation of a regular expression parser which matches
>against strings.  Alternatively, I could make do with a file-searching utility
>which provides FULL regular expression capability (i.e. a true GREP
>implementation).  I'd even settle for a non-MCL LISP implementation of either
>of the above, which I will port, and send you back the ported code.
>I'd really appreciate any pointers on this.  I *KNOW* that a LISP
>implementation of a regular expression parser exists out there, and so I've
>really avoided implementing my own.

This question is in the lisp FAQ.  Please take a look at it (it's on
cambridge.apple.com also).


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