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Garbage Collector Troubles

	I'm having problems which look like they are being caused by the ephemeral
garbage collector - I was wondering if anyone else has had any similar

The program I'm working on reads in and parses a file, which it then
displays.  The problem occurs when I've ben using the program for a while,
and I try to read in a new file.  The program starts normally, but MCL then
does a garbage collect (ie, the cursor changes into a "GC" symbol breifly).
 When this happens, the windows currently open on the screen, *including
the listener*, go a nasty shade of grey .

After that, nothing much happens.  The machine sits there, with the cursor
occasionally changing to a "GC" symbol, forever (or at least 15 minutes,
which is as long as I felt like waiting!), doing nothing useful.

The problem is not in the particular file I'm trying to read - it happens
for files that usually work.

Possibly Useful Information: I'm running MCL 2.0, system 7.1, on a IIvx.

Thanks for any suggestions, questions, abuse, help, etc etc,

			Tom McDermott, spon@socs.uts.oz.au