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Multi-Dimensional Arrays and MCL's FFI

  I have recently been working on an exemplar-based concept representation
system.  This system will soon become part of an anological reasoning
system.  Currently, the concept representation system uses a bi-directional,
uniform cost, and-or graph search to classify things on the basis of their
features.  When KBs get large, the search runs aground.  I am investigating
the possibility of using my declarative KB to train a distributed memory to 
do the matching.  I would like to use the FF-Interface to access some C 
matrix manipulation (neural net) functions.

  Unfortunately I don't have MPW.  Using Think C 6, how can I pass multi-
dimensional arrays to C code?  I am NOT a low-level type (I'm 80% Lisp, 20% 
Prolog) and I don't want to grunge around with offsets and exotic C macros.
I am trying to use Cartier's Contribs version 1.2 Think-C unit but things
aren't working when I try to discover how to pass in the multi-dimensional

  If anyone knows how to pass multi-dimensional arrays out of MCL into
Think-C, please get in touch.  If I can't get help, I'll have to deal with
code that wouldn't be any more efficient than using the and-or search.

Scott Douglass
Department of Psychology
San Diego State University