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Saving CLOS objects to disk (?)

At  3:04 AM 7/20/93 +0000, Tom McDermott wrote:
>        is it possible to save CLOS objects to disk under MCL 2.0?  I'm trying to
>avoid having to repeatedly read-and-parse files by saving the information
>in a "predigested" form - CLOS objects.
>        Thanks,
>                Tom McDermott, spon@socs.uts.oz.au

You might look at Wood. It's a simple object oriented database that
I wrote. It's available for anonymous FTP from cambridge.apple.com
in the file "/pub/mcl2/contrib/wood-0.6.sea.hqx". Documentation alone
is in "/pub/mcl2/contrib/wood.doc". Wood can save all Lisp objects to
disk in binary format. This includes CLOS objects, though it saves
only the slot names of classes, not their class hierarchy.