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balloon help bombs

REGARDING                balloon help bombs
Using balloon help with empty strings crashes my machine (FX, system 7.1, 32
MEG, EGC installed) and that of several colleagues. In one instance a file
containing code dissapeared from the desktop after a restart and I haven't
found it back. Opening MCL after a restart crashed my machine another time. Now
all seems well again.
Any ideas what might cause this?

To duplicate this behaviour (I wouldn't!!)
1. evaluate the following code:
  '(:TOP 60)
  #@(300 150)
  '("Chicago" 12 :SRCOR :PLAIN)
          #@(31 17)
          #@(31 63)
          #@(31 16)
          '(0 1 2)
          ;;; Oops!
          :HELP-SPEC "")))
2. Turn balloon help on
3. Move the cursor over the dialog item with empty help string.


Andre Koehorst
Research Institute for Knowledge Systems
Maastricht, the Netherlands