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LISP date routines (long msg)

At 14:08 3/05/93 -0400, Bruce Lester wrote :
>I am looking for a library of date routines that would provide string to date 
>conversion (ex: "May 3, 1993" - 32630) and date math (today + "11 weeks") etc.
>Bruce Lester

There's a complete collection of these in a file on the "Lisp Utilities
Repository".  I believe it's called date-formatter.lisp.  Here is the
readme file from the repository.  (note: this question is not mcl specific,
so it should have been asked on the common-lisp@ai.sri.com list.  Send mail
to common-lisp-request@ai.sri.com to get added.)

Hope this helps

>;;; Wed Mar 17 22:10:01 1993 by Mark Kantrowitz <mkant@GLINDA.OZ.CS.CMU.EDU>
>;;; README -- 6082 bytes
>Welcome to the Lisp Utilities Repository. If this is the first time
>you have used the Repository, please read this file and the file named
>COPYING. Other files of interest to new users include
>   CATALOG             Index of the contents of the repository.
>   ABSTRACTS           Longer descriptions of some files.
>   UPDATES             Additions and other major changes to the repository.
>This file contains information on retrieving files, submitting bug
>reports, and contributing files to the repository. It also describes
>the Lisp-Utilities mailing list.
>*** [0] Introduction
>The Lisp Utilities Repository was established by Mark Kantrowitz in
>1990 to collect files and programs of general interest to Common Lisp
>programs. Many of the programs will run in any Common Lisp
>implementation; others are easily ported. Information files include
>the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) postings for the comp.lang.lisp,
>comp.lang.clos, and comp.lang.scheme newsgroups, introductions to some
>Lisp topics, and some summaries of topics of interest to Common Lisp
>*** [1] Retrieving Files
>The Lisp Utilities Repository is kept in the Andrew File System (AFS)
>   /afs/cs.cmu.edu/user/mkant/Public/Lisp-Utilities/
>and its subdirectories. Files may be retrieved using either AFS or
>anonymous FTP. A link has been established from
>   /afs/cs.cmu.edu/user/mkant/Public/Lisp/
>to this directory to provide a shorter pathname.
>If your site runs AFS, you can just cd to this directory and copy the
>files directly. Schools that run AFS include Boston University,
>Carnegie Mellon University, Chalmers University of Technology,
>Dartmouth, HP Cupertino, Idaho National Engineering Lab, MIT, Mt.
>Xinu, Naval Research Lab, NIH, Open Software Foundation, Pittsburgh
>Supercomputing Center, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Stanford,
>Superconducting Supercollider Lab, Transarc, Unisys, University of
>Arizona, University of Michigan, University of Notre Dame, University
>of Pittsburgh, University of Southern California/ISI and many others.
>Further information about AFS can be obtained by sending email to
>If your site does not run AFS, you can still get the files by
>anonymous ftp to ftp.cs.cmu.edu [] using username
>"anonymous" (without the quotes) and typing your email address (in the
>form "user@host") as the password. You must then cd to the AFS
>directory in one atomic operation, as some of the superior directories
>are protected during an anonymous ftp. For your convenience, you can
>cd to
>   user/mkant/Lisp/
>The following is an example of using ftp to retrieve the software:
>   % ftp ftp.cs.cmu.edu
>   Connected to MULBERRY.SRV.CS.CMU.EDU.
>   220 MULBERRY.SRV.CS.CMU.EDU FTP server (Version 4.105 of 10-Jul-90 12:07) \
>   ready.
>   Name (ftp.cs.cmu.edu:mkant): anonymous
>   331 Guest login ok, send username@node as password.
>   Password:
>   230-Filenames can not begin with "/.." .
>   230-Other than that, everything is ok.
>   230 User anon logged in.
>   ftp> cd user/mkant/Lisp
>   250 Directory path set to user/mkant/Lisp.
>   ftp> pwd
>   257 "/afs/cs.cmu.edu/user/mkant/Public/Lisp-Utilities" is current directory.
>   ftp> ls
>   200 PORT command successful.
>   150 Opening data connection for ls (,4585).
>       [...rest of listing deleted...]
>   226 Transfer complete.
>   1152 bytes received in 0.6 seconds (1.9 Kbytes/s)
>   ftp> quit
>   221 Goodbye.
>If you will be transfering compressed files, be sure to type the "binary"
>command before retrieving the files. The "get" command is used to get
>a single file, and "mget" to retrieve multiple files using wildcards.
>If you're using the "mget" command, you might want to turn off
>prompting first by using the "prompt" command.
>*** [2] Bug Reports
>Bug reports, comments, questions and suggestions should be sent to
>Lisp-Utilities-Request@cs.cmu.edu. This mail will be answered by Mark
>Kantrowitz <mkant@cs.cmu.edu>. Some of the authors have provided an
>E-mail address for bug reports near the beginning of the program;
>please send the bug reports to them, but also CC us in the E-mail.
>Also, please send us copies of any changes or improvements
>you make to the software, so that we may merge them into the originals.
>Please be patient -- Mark is an nth-year graduate student, so his
>thesis work takes priority. But as time permits, he'll try to
>incorporate your suggestions and improvements into the programs
>included in the repository.
>*** [3] Mailing List
>The mailing list Lisp-Utilities@cs.cmu.edu is a moderated low-volume
>mailing list for matters concerning the Lisp Utilities Repository. It
>is primarily intended for notification of updates to the Repository,
>but other relevant messages may also be included, at the discretion of
>the moderator. 
>If you use any of the programs included in the Repository, you should
>join this mailing list. To subscribe, send a message to
>Lisp-Utilities-Request@cs.cmu.edu with your name, your Internet email
>address, and your affiliation (e.g., company name, university, etc.)
>if any, in the following format:
>   first-name middle-initials last-name, affiliation <email-address>
>*** [4] Contributing Files to the Repository
>For a program to be included in the Repository, it must be "freely
>redistributable". The author(s) may retain a copyright on the
>programs, but must allow anybody to copy and use the files without
>charge. If the author(s) later decide to commercialize the program, the
>version included in the Repository will remain available for free.
>Programs that have been placed in the public domain may also be
>included in the repository, since by placing a program in the public
>domain, the author has given up all rights to the program.
>If you would like to contribute a program or other files to the
>Repository, send a message to Lisp-Utilities-Request@cs.cmu.edu. 
>;;; *EOF*


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