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SUMMARY: IIci Accelerators for MCL


Some time back, I'd asked for info about:
Subject: Re: Best/Safest IIci Accelerator for MCL use?

I got two informative replies, and several requests to see a summary, so
here goes!

Thanks to Bob and Mark!


========== From: Mark Westling <westling@starbase.mitre.org> ==========

I'm running MCL 2.0p2 on my IIci using a Daystar Turbo '040
accelerator, 33 MHz, with external cache card.  I did have
to obtain a patch from Apple (specifically, Bill St.Clair),
though, but it now works fine (and *very* speedy, too).

I decided to get the Daystar '040 board for two reasons: (1)
it's cheap compared to the Radius Rocket, and (2) Daystar
has a nice upgrade policy--every time they release a faster
board, they let current owners upgrade for a much reduced
price.  I ordered my board from "Hardware That Fits" for
about $1350.

If you do get the Daystar board, ask Bill St. Clair for the
"MMU for IIci" patch, or if you like, I'll send it to you.

--Mark Westling

========== From: hall@allegra.att.com (Bob Hall) ==========

Here is a copy of my summary of replies I got when I asked essentially
the same question a few months ago.

    Date: Sat, 16 Jan 93 12:05:00 EST
    From: hall@allegra.att.com (Bob Hall)
    To: info-mcl@cambridge.apple.com
    Subject: upgrades

    Thanks to everyone who responded to my query about IIci upgrades.
    Evidently the Apple people are putting together a more comprehensive
    study of the issue, but I'll just summarize as follows
     - Bill suggested using a video card, since if you don't then the video
       contends with the cpu over memory.
     - Short of a video card, others have recommended switching to black
       video instead of color.
     - Also, there was a suggestion to put the smaller
       of unequal memory chip sizes in bank A, decreasing the likelihood of
       a collision between video and cpu.  e.g. 4M in A and 16M in B.
     - Several recommended a cache card, such as the Daystar Powercache or
       Apple IIci cache card.
     - Others have said Radius Rocket 33 runs MCL, but Rocketshare doesn't
       but that's okay unless you want to do some things that need
       (MCL doesn't).
     - There is also an Apple upgrade path involving swapping the
       and some other stuff, which is more expensive, but maybe more

    Thanks again!

    -- Bob Hall

-- Bob



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