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For Sale: Apple Developer CD's.

I have the following Apple Developer CD's for immediate
sale, most in the original packaging. 

$5 per CD for the following:
   Volume V   : Night of the Living Disc
   Volume VI  : Gorillas in the Disc
   Volume VII : Lord of the Files
   Volume VIII: Desperately Seeking Seven
   Volume IX  : Code Warrier
   Volume X   : On a Clear Day You Can CD Forever
   Volune XI  : The Silence of the ROMS

$7 per CD for the following:
   Feb 92: 20,000 Leagues Under the CD
   Mar 92: The Hound of Bitmapsville
   Apr 92: hex, drives, and videotape
   May 92: The Byte Stuff

$10 per CD for the following:
   Jul 92: Butch ASCII and the Runtime Code
   Aug 92: Hack to the Future
   Sep 92: A ROM with a View
   Oct 92: The Hexorcist
   Nov 92: Wayne's GWorld
$15 per CD for the following:
   Jan 93: The Postman Always Clicks Twice
   Feb 93: New Hack City
   Mar 93: Other People's Money
   Apr 93: System Software Edition 

   AOCE, beta release 
   System 7.1 beta release, including WorldScript
   AppleScript, beta release
   QuickTime 1.5 for developers 

Once purchased the CD is yours - no refunds. Reply
directly to hohmann@csmil.umich.edu if you are

Other things for sale:

(1) Copy of "The Terminator 2029" for the IBM PC. It is a really
cool game, but, to be honest, it is too hard for me! The graphics
are superb - I only played it three or four times. It is not copy
protected but does require a password that can only be found in 
the manual. Retail price was $59 at Babbages. I'll take $15.

(1) SONY STRAV-880 receiver for sale. This is a monster receiver,
with just about every feature you can ask for. (Ask, and I'll tell
you all about it...) Make me an offer.

Everything shipped COD, buyer pays for shipping.

   -- Luke Hohmann