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sound stuff

while reading todays' mail from you, i remembered that i once found the
double-buffering function (sorry, i don't have IM here for the exact name)
most helpfull for all three mentioned purposes:

  to play real-time synthesized sound, as mkant wrote (hey, could you let
  me have a look at that when you're finished??)

  to play sound files of _any_ format from disk, and

  to play any sound data (sampled sound data) asynchronously.

the key point is, that you set up two buffers (as big as you want) and then
pass the soundmanager alternating the one or the other buffer's handle.
sound pretty good and is very easy, too.

one more thing: i did it in c, and don't know how fast you can fill those
buffers from lisp -- after all, you want to do things that c is invented for!