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a few questions

Hi MCL'ers-

A few questions:

1.  How do I get the MCL interpreter to break on a stack overflow error?  It automatically
     resets the stack without giving me the opportunity to backtrace.

2.  It would be very helpful if the "edit definition" menu item notified me that
     the function "make-foo" was automatically defined by the evaluation of (defstruct foo slot1).
     Is there a way to get this information that I am unaware of?  (I would also like to know
     that the accessor "foo-slot1" was automatically defined by the defstruct.)

3.  It appears that MCL interprets the symbol "-f1" as a floating point number.  For instance,
     the expression:
                                           (let ((-f1 10)) -f1)
     results in the error:
                                           > Error: While compiling an anonymous function :
                                           >        -0.0 is not a symbol.
     Is this a bug in MCL?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Gary Snavely