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Breakage of print-u utilities with Centris and/or System 7.1

Rich Sutton,

On Mon May 17 10:13:53 1993, you describe problems with print-u.lisp
  Mark Tapia's print-u utilities worked great on my FX using system 7, but
  unfortunately they break on my new system, a Centris 650 with System 7.1.
  The symptom of the breakage is that save-file never successfully completes.
  I think it gets canceled along the way.

Thanks for the praise for running on an FX.  I know that there are some
problems running MCL on the centris.  You could examine these problems.
In the meantime, here are several approaches to solving your problem.
The fastest is (1), although it has drawbacks:
(1) use the unmodified version of ccl::window-save-file. Instead of using the
    original advised ccl::window-save-file, execute the following:

  (in-package ccl)
  (advise ccl::window-save-file
          :when :around)

Warning: print-u will no longer associate the page-setup attributes with the

(2) Determine where the problem actually occurs. Evaluate the following
and send me the debugging output:
  (setq ccl::*debug* t)

(3) Either Remove the automatic loading of print-u from your init file
and thendetermine whether you can (1) change the page setup attributes and 
(2) print a standard fred window. 
Or try to use Page Setup from the finder and use the File "Print Window"
menu item to print the contents of a disk/file folder.

If you can't, check that the Chooser (on the Apple Menu)
specifies an appropriate printer driver with the correct attributes.