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Question: CLOS, :accessor, compiler warning

Hi all,

This question refers to the following example:

(defclass account ()
  ((name :initarg :name :reader name)
   (balance :initarg :balance :initform 0.00 :accessor balance)
   (interest-rate :allocation :class :initform .06 
                  :reader interest-rate)))

Now my understanding is that :accessor creates methods that allow me
to read and write the value of the slot balance.  I do this as follows:

(setf a1 (make-instance 'account :balance 5000.00
                        :name "Fred"))
(name a1)                   ;; returns "Fred", no problem
(balance a1)                ;; returns 5000.0, no problem
(setf (balance a1) 2000.00) ;; I get a warning.  How can I avoid this?

The warning message I get is this:

;Compiler warnings :
;   Undeclared free variable A1, in an anonymous lambda form.

QUESTION.  What is going on, and how can I avoid the warning?  It seems
from all of the references I'm using (book by Norvig and MCL Reference)
that the setf syntax above is legal.

Eternally thankful,
Cecil Huang