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Industrial-strength Scheme class.

I am planning to teach a class in Scheme at work this summer.  I'll be using
_Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs_ and Indiana's version of
Scheme.  The people in the class will mostly be experienced C programmers,
along with a scattering of technical writers (with some Pascal experience)
and ex-programmers-now-managers.  I'm teaching the class to expose these
people to new styles of programming, styles that (I hope) are becoming
increasingly important.  I'm not an experienced teacher, though I have
taught such a classlet before.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I ought to go about this?  What
should I skim over?  What should I concentrate on?  Does the book contain
too much or too little to be covered in a summer, considering that the people
are experienced but also have full-time-or-more jobs?  How should I
supplement the book, and with what?  Thanks.

Brian Marick
Gould CSD - Urbana