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Re: will the real current continuation please stand up

    As far as HUDAK@YALE's original question: He distinguished between
    the continuation to the CALL-WITH-CURRENT-CONTINUATION invocation
    (outer continuation), and the continuation to the argument (inner
    continuation), but the way I see it both are the same.  
I see your point.  I guess it all depends on how one defines
"continuation."  I was interpreting it as "what happens next," 
so in your definition:

    (define (call-with-current-continuation *cont* receiver)
      (receiver *cont* *cont*))

what happens next is a call to receiver, so the (eventual) call to
*cont* is "delayed."  On the other hand, in:

    (define (current-continuation *cont*)
      (*cont* *cont*))

the current continuation is called immediately (i.e., passed to itself),
which is of course what you pointed out in the first part of your message.