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Since no one has responded to my request for implementation info, I'll
send out excerpts from the standard letter that MIT sends to people who
ask about Scheme implementations.  I hope this is useful to some of you.

Some of this information may be out of date.  Please correct whatever's
wrong.  I didn't include the paragraph on Chez Scheme since it gave a
UNC address and phone number, and it was my understanding that Chez
Scheme now comes from Cadence Research Inc., not UNC.  Also, I don't
know who the official contact, if any, is for T.  Information on the MIT
scheme implementations was too detailed, and most of you probably have
it already, so a condensed version will arrive under separate cover.

- Jonathan

@b[MacScheme] is a commercially-available implementation of Scheme for
the 512K Apple Macintosh. It meets the requirements of the Revised
Revised Report.  A compatibility file is supplied for use with the
Abelson and Sussman book.  The system features a byte-code interpreter
and Macintosh-style user interface.  MacScheme sells for $125; site
licenses are available.  For more information, write to:
Semantic Microsystems
1001 Bridgeway Suite 543
Sausalito CA 94965
(415) 332-8094

@b[PC Scheme] (unofficial name) is an implementation of Scheme that is
being developed at Texas Instruments.  It runs on the Texas
Instruments Personal Computer and the IBM Personal Computer.  Besides
the Scheme interpreter itself, the system includes graphics, windowing
capabilities, and a text editor implemented in Scheme.  The
implementation adheres to the Scheme standard, and it is completely
compatible with the MIT course material.  The Scheme interpreter
itself will run in 256K, but successful course use (easily invoking
the editor, loading the largest MIT material) requires a system with
at least 512K and preferably a hard disk.  PC Scheme is still under
development and is not available commercially.  However, Texas
Instruments is conducting an instructional beta test program under
which they will make implementations available to institutions wishing
to use Scheme in conjunction with courses and other instructional
projects.  For information on the program contact
Texas Instruments 
PO Box 2909 
Austin, Texas  78769 
Attn:  Scheme Product Center,  M/S 2244 

@b[Scheme84] is a version of Scheme that has been under development at
Indiana University for the past few years, and is used there to
support half a dozen different computer science courses.  The system
runs on the Vax under either VMS or Berkeley Unix.  The developers of
Scheme84 intend to supply a compatibility package that will allow the
MIT materials to be run without modification.  The Scheme84 software
is in the public domain, and can be obtained by writing to@foot{The
current distribution policy for Scheme84 is that Indiana University
will supply it for free, if you send them a tape and return postage.
(Please specify whether the system is to be for VMS or for Unix.)  On
the other hand, the University reserves the right to begin charging a
fee to recover the cost of distribution, should this become
Scheme84 Distribution
Nancy Garrett
c/o Dan Friedman
Department of Computer Science
Indiana University
Bloomington, Indiana
E-mail address nlg@@indiana

@b[T] is a version of Scheme that was developed at Yale University, and is
available for distribution.  The system runs on Vaxes under VMS or
Unix (Berkeley 4.1 or 4.2) and on the Apollo Domain.  For more
information, contact [???] at Yale (203-436-0802) or write to
Yale University Dept. of Computer Science
PO Box 2158
Yale Station 
New Haven, CT 06520