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I have received several messages of the following form:

    Date: 27 Oct 85 00:21:50 EDT (Sun)
    From: yba at ATHENA.MIT.EDU

    Or could we at least get it moderated so as to ensure it
    discusses scheme instead of backquotes in T?  How about just
    asking folks not to cc the entire list?  Please?

If you have any doubt as to whether a message you want to send is
appropriate for the list, send it to SCHEME-REQUEST@MIT-MC, and I'll
either forward it or reply to it.  For the moment, I'll act as
"moderator" when that's needed.  I don't want to spend too much time
on this, so please, moderate yourselves.  Remember that turnaround can
be very slow, since many people are only connected through CSNET or
uucp.  That explains why there were redundant replies to the backquote

In defense of the recent backquote flurry, I'll say that the question
had nothing to do with T; backquote is a common feature of RRRSS, Common
Lisp, and many other Lisps.  However, I agree that the question had
little to do with Scheme either.  My perception is that most people are
on the list not because they're interested in language issues per se,
but rather because they want to talk about how people actually use the
unique aspects of Scheme in teaching and discussing computation.  (Tell
me if I'm wrong.)