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Compiling Scheme on a hp200

    Date: Thu, 11 Jun 87 17:04:49 pdt
    From: ucdavis!iris!windley at ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU (Phil Windley)

    I ftp'd dist.tar yesterday and it compiled fine for a vax, but on the
    hp200, it has a few problems.  It seems that it wants to assemble a file
    called cmp68020.s, the hp200 has a 68010.  I changed the switch in the
    make file, but it still wants that code.  What is it supposed to do?
    It chokes when it starts to assemble the 68020 code.

    Phillip J. Windley
    Robotics Research Laboratory
    University of California, Davis

Please do not send bug messages about MIT CScheme to this mailing
list.  As we specify in the file README in the distribution, such
messages should be sent to "bug-cscheme%oz@mc.lcs.mit.edu".  The
"scheme" mailing list is a general discussion list for all issues
about Scheme.

In reply to your bug report, please delete the various "Compiled code
interface files" in "Makefile.200" and replace them with the
commented-out information ("compiler.c", "compiler.oo", etc).  This
code is not 68020-specific and should work fine for you.