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Edwin source

    Date: Wed, 3 Jun 87 11:39:22 MDT
    From: Raul Machuca <RMACHUCA at SIMTEL20.ARPA>

    	Is the Scheme source code for
    Edwin available from any one on this list
    or any other source.

There are two versions of Edwin, the one running in TI PC Scheme, and
the one running in MIT 68000 Scheme.  The former is available by FTP
 from host prep.ai.mit.edu as one of the following files:

/u2/cph/tiedwin.tar	tar format file of source code
/u2/cph/tiedwin.tar.Z	compressed version of above
/u2/cph/tiedwin.lst	`pr' style listing of source code

The MIT Scheme version of Edwin can be obtained by special arrangement
with me.  Sometime in early fall this version will have been ported to
MIT C Scheme and will be a part of the normal distribution.