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Just when you thought you could sleep at night...
Just when you thought you were some from unidentified flyin' objects...

SCOOPS arives.



SCOOPS is an object-oriented system developed for TI Scheme.
It has been fully ported (as far as I can tell) to cscheme, and
it runs under the new cscheme5 beta release.  I have written
a small doc file (not very stylish, but hopefully of assistance).
All the files are available by ftp'ing to linc.cis.upenn.edu
and going to /usr/users/sherin/scoops .  The originals
are also there in a subdirectory.  The file scoops.scm is the fully
functional file--just a copy of the individual files needed
for SCOOPS.  Please help yourselves.  Anyone with difficulty
getting the data should send me e-mail.

Enjoy it,