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Scheme mode in GNU Emacs

    Has anyone out there taken the time to rewrite the Scheme support for
    GNU Emacs so that it understands R^3 Scheme syntax? In particular I'd like
    to use the Scheme84 "[" and "]" for parentheses and have the indentation
    and balancing come out right. Inferior scheme mode also seems to be
    intolerant of vt200 series terminals. Has anyone repaired this?

R^3RS does not define the syntax of [ and ].  That is Scheme84 and
ChezScheme specific (as far as I know).  You can probably do that
by copying the syntax table entries from ( and ) to [ and ],

The currently released version of the GNU Emacs scheme support matches
MIT CScheme release 4, which is not 100% compatible with R^3RS.  As
soon as we make our 5th release, 100% compatible with R^3RS (in a
couple of weeks, if all goes well), a new version of the interface
will be released.  It will not support [ and ], since that is not a
"feature" of MIT Scheme (some of us think it is a really bad idea).

The released version of inferior Scheme mode does nothing which is
terminal dependent, so there must be a bug in GNU Emacs which is
manifesting itself in this mode.  Are you using MIT Scheme as the
inferior scheme?