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PC Scheme Utilities

For those of you interested in PCS, a set of free utilities with
documentation is available from:

        Clyde R. Camp
        Texas Instruments, Inc.
        P.O.Box 226015, MS 238
        Dallas, TX  75266

Send two blank, FORMATTED disks and a self-addressed, stamped envelope.
Although written primarily for the TIPC, everything except the
graphics should work on and of the IBM clones.  The directories are:

UTILITY - Various text windowing, file printing and keyboard handlers
which simplify writing application programs (includes a file
pretty-printer and a new top-level read-eval-print loop which uses an
emacs-like line-editor with the capability to scroll back through
previous entries)
SWI - A convenient mechanism for invoking 8086 ASSY routines via the
rather undocumented SWI-INT.

HELP - A user-extendable on-line help facility which includes all of
the PCS functions and syntax as well as other info

GRAF - A object-style graphics package

PLOT - A general prupose function plotter

GAME1 - Self explanatory - non-graphics
GAME2 - for TIPC graphics

ERR_STAT - more utilities for messing with the status window

MENUSHEL - two menu driven command shells

This should also be available in ARC'd format on COMPUSERVE in the
near future.

- Clyde