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Public Domain

   Date: Wed, 15 Oct 86 08:51:14 edt
   From: "John D. Ramsdell" <ramsdell%faron@arpa.mitre-bedford>
   To: scheme <scheme%edu.mit.lcs.mc@arpa.mitre-bedford>
   Subject: Object-Oriented Schemes
   I am wondering if people on this list would
   like to discuss Object-Oriented Schemes.
   Three implementations come to mind at this time.
   The oldest I know about is T[1].  TI has put its
   Object-Oriented system called SCOOPS in the public
   domain, as is T.

Well, I would like to discuss such things, but what I'd like to know
at the moment is this: is T now in the public domain?  How might I
obtain a copy of it or of SCOOPS.

I'm sorry if this isn't the proper forum for such questions, but
my options seem somewhat limited from here.

-- Jeff

P.S.  I do have a t2.8, with licence.  Am I now free to copy it
to other machines?