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Re: Performance and Evaluation of Scheme Systems...

  >Date:     21 Jul 86 08:04:00 EDT
  >From: Mike Wilson
  >Subject:  Performance and Evaluation of Scheme Systems...
  >    I've just been looking through the book _Performance and Evaluation
  >of Lisp Systems_ (Richard P. Gabriel, The MIT Press). It's got benchmark
  >results for several simple programs run on the more common lisp systems.
  >Has anyone run these tests in CScheme/MacScheme/TIScheme? It would be
  >interesting to see how we stack up. (I have to admit I am *impressed*
  >with their times for the IBM 3081 and CRAY-XMP. Oh well...)

I will be presenting a paper on TI's PC Scheme at the conference on LISP
and Functional Programming in Cambridge the first week of August.  Part of
the paper consists of a brief comparison of PC Scheme and other PC-based
LISP implementations on 7 benchmark programs, some of which come from
Gabriel's test suite.  After the conference, I'll be glad to forward this
information to anyone interested.

David Bartley