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Scheme Request

    Date: Mon, 14 Jul 86 14:25:46 PDT
    From: Curtis L. Goodhart <goodhart%cod at nosc.ARPA>

    I am interested in obtaining a version of Scheme that will run on a
    VAX 11/780 running VMS 4.2 OR a PDP-11/70 running Unix 2.9 .

I think most or all of your questions are answered by the contents of
the file "LSPMAI;SCHEME IMPLS" available on Internet hosts MIT-MC,
MIT-MX, and MIT-AI (I have copied it around to improve its
accessibility, in case one or two of these machines are down).

By the way, I'll mail this file (about 17K) to anyone who requests it,
although if you can FTP it that's preferable.  These machines aren't
finicky about usernames or passwords or things like that.