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Request for C-Scheme info

I'm about to uucp C-Scheme from Ohio State, but before I do I would 
like to know what I'm getting myself into.  Some of the questions
going through my mind right now are

  - Is this thing SysV compatible?
  - If it's not, is it easily portable (or has someone else done it :-)?
  - Is it a decent implementation?
  - Is it documented?
  - Is it the greatest thing since sliced bread?

If it is not sysV compatible I would appreciate hearing any war stories
about porting it.

Please send mail to me as I'm sure that this has been discussed before.

Norman Graham
Oklahoma State University              Internet:  norman@a.cs.okstate.edu
Computing and Information Sciences         UUCP:  {cbosgd, ihnp4,
219 Mathematical Sciences Building                 rutgers}!okstate!norman
Stillwater, OK  74078-0599