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Re: Scheme for the Amiga

In article <518@acf3.NYU.EDU> goldberg@acf3.nyu.edu (Benjamin Goldberg) writes:
>Does anyone know of a Scheme implementation for the Amiga?

I have implemented scheme 6.1 on my Amiga.  I'll tell you, it's not an
easy thing to do.  First of all, there is no way CScheme will work on a
machine with only 0.5M of RAM.  I have got it working with 2.5M, but it
really wants 4M, heavy sigh...  Also, if you want to work on implementing
it, you will need a hard disk.  But the important thing is, it does exist and
is alive.  I am currently trying to work on the interrupt scheme (sorry, no
pun intended) before I am happy with it.

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