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problem bringing up Scheme 6.1

I've been able to get Scheme to link under System V Release 2 on an
NCR Tower 32.  This is 68020-based.  I've had to modify the C
preprocessor (may the source be with you), and have had to make some
minor additions/changes to unix.c, config.h - the usual things from
what I can tell.  I'm starting to get excited.  Maybe it will work,
eh? (Canadian accent showing...)

But No...

Here's what happened in the next step:

    cd /usr/craig/Scheme/
    make runtime/scheme.bin
	    cd runtime; rm -f *.bin
    Psbtobin /usr/craig/Scheme/runtime/Sgraph.psb
			    :	(Additional stuff deleted)
    Psbtobin /usr/craig/Scheme/runtime/sdata.psb
    /usr/craig/Scheme/microcode/Psbtobin: Segmentation violation -- Core dumped
    *** Error code 1


    Compilation exited abnormally with code 1 at Wed Dec 30 16:12:06

Gag, gag, gag.  Looking into the source code there's nothing obvious.
Could some kind soul out there point me in the right direction.  I've
found at least one definate bug in the distributed code.  Maybe
there's another???

I would really LOVE to get this stuff working.  Once working I hope to
modify GNU cpp so that others can use it on SYSVR2.  (I've already
tried, but GNU cpp gets VERY confused trying to play with all the
defines - even more than USG cpp.  Just need more time.)

Any help offers???  Please???
R. Craig Peterson		"Next time someone asks you if you're a god
ncrlnk!ncrcam!ncrcpx!craig	 say YES!!"
N8INO					Ghost Busters
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