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skim (a low fat implementation of Scheme)

Date: Thu, 24 Dec 87 11:10:47 +0100
From: harvard!ut-sally!uunet!mcvax!litp!ald at bbn.com
To:   jar at ai.ai.mit.edu
Re:   Scheme on CMS?
Organization: L.I.T.P, Universite P7, PARIS
Return-Receipt-To: uunet!mcvax!inria!litp!ald@RUTGERS.EDU

In article <302853.871222.JAR@AI.AI.MIT.EDU> you write:
>If you know of any available implementations that are missing from the
>list, or if you discover any inaccurate information, please let me know.

There is an implementation of Scheme, that i believe is not 
currently registered:

Name:	skim (a low fat implementation of Scheme)
Authors: A. Deutsch, R. Dumeur, C. Consel, J.D. Fekete.
Runs-on: Sun[23], Vax, Orion under BSD Unix.
Has:     An interpreter and a compiler (vax only for now).
	- R3RS compatibility (but misses complex, bignums and ratios);
	- extensible type system and operations;
	- stop/copy gc;
	- scode based interpreter.
	- the system has been registered;
	- binaries are available (we do not plan to distribute sources now).
	- the interpreter is quite fast (5 times faster that MIT-scheme).
	- the compiler is not an optimizing compiler.
	- ...mcvax!inria!litp!{ald|chac|jdf|red}

	Best regards,
		Alain Deutsch.