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MacScheme SCOOPS Update

MacScheme SCOOPS Update:

   1.   I have received almost 40 requests for MacScheme SCOOPS
          which means the sources should be posted rather than 
          mailed out.
   2.   John Ulrich is the person who did the implementation. 
          (I forgot to mention that in the last posting)
   3.   Will Clinger (of Semantic Microsystems) informed me that
          a version of SCOOPS supplied by John Ulrich (same author)
          is distributed with MacScheme starting with version 1.5 
          He also mentioned that it was not based on the TI source
          and was not currently supported by Semantic Microsystems.

    It seems to me the next step should be that someone with version
1.5 of MacScheme should post the sources (I don't have it).  In order
to prevent multiple postings, it would be best if those who have the
ability to upload and post the sources to the net, send me mail to that
effect and I will give the OK to the first one who replies.

    Due to the holiday, I will be off the net while out of town from
Dec 22 to Dec 27.  Hopefully, the sources will be posted the week of 
the 28th.

    I would like to thank John Ulrich and William Clinger for their
help and information.

           Carl Bruggeman