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Applicative languages? Anyone?

   >2) Some syntactic means for preventing argumentsfrom getting unreadably
   >   numerous just to pass something down to where it's finally used. 

This is an interesting issue.  I can think of two solutions right

1. Package up all the arguments into a data structure (say an
association-list or an object), and then you only need to pass around
one data structure.  (A good way to implement this data structure
would be as a "frame" a la Abelson and Sussman.  I have tried earlier
to lobby for a "make-frame" primitive, like the "make-environment"
primitive, but was unsuccessful).

2. If this passing around of arguments is happening internal to a
function, use lexical scoping.  Say f is a function that needs n
arguments.  Define it as

	(define (f x1 x2 ... xn)
	   (define (local-function1) ...)
	   (define (local-functionk) ...)

The arguments x1,...,xn need not be passed to every local-function.  

What is wrong with these solutios?  Perhaps there is a different
problem that you have in mind, but haven't stated precisely yet.

Uday Reddy
University of Illinois