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Need refs for low-level (c/pascal) implementation of scheme

	I am working on a subset scheme implementation in C, to run
	everything in S&IoCP and LittleLisper. Are there any good
	references for low-level (C/pascal) implementation of Scheme ?
	All I have is Allen's extraordinary but (sigh) slightly
	out-of-date book for concrete (i.e. non-meta-circular)
	implementation details. [Oh, sure I have Cscheme, but reading
	that code gives me migranes every time :-)]

	Alternatively, any partial source code for subset/toy schemes
	are appreciated.

	I already have the reader, cons, gc and lotsa prims, but I am
	somewhat stuck at the symbol table/oblist/environment list
	level. I have the global oblist allright, but I am getting all
	confused as to using it for primitive-environment scheme needs.

	If I am missing something, hit me with it... It is all this
	late-night hacking slowly eroding my neurons...


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