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Scheme in the real world

(Hey LineEater, Cdr this!!!)

I went to Oberlin College, where Scheme was strongly emphasised.  The Prof
who taught the Scheme courses (Rich Salter), went to Indiana U.  Most of
the people I know of that use Scheme, are from there, or have a strong
connection.  I am curious who else uses Scheme, especially in the real world
(read corporate and/or commercial world).  Oberlin is producing some very
strong Scheme programmers, what companies out there could use these people?
How are these companies using Scheme?  I know there's a group at Tektronix
using Scheme, there must be others.  
	BTW, Oberlin is on Usenet, but they're feed doesn't have this group.
Maybe someone could contact the postmaster there and work something out.
I'm glad to see this group here.

	-Ken Baer.  
"Press the button labeled 'Extreme Emergency' on the console" - The Doctor.
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