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Re: MultiScheme

In article <8710150621.AA02160@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU> jmiller@brandeis.CSNET (James Miller) writes:
>My dissertation, "MultiScheme: A Parallel Processing System Based on
>MIT Scheme," is available from the MIT Lab for Computer Science
>publications office (545 Technology Square, Cambridge, MA 02139), as
>	.
>	.
>	.
>--Jim Miller
>Brandeis University

     I am extremely interested in seeing a copy of this report.
The problem is that I am blind, and thus neesome kind of
on-line representation of the text
(alternatively, I guess, I could have it put on tape, but this could take ++forever++)!
Is there some way I could obtain a copy of the document?
I suspect copyrighting problems might get in the way -- don't know much
about the legal stuff ...
Can you, or someone out there help me out?
I alsk posted a general query for some sort of documentation on CSCHEME and/or yales T
implementation details.
Might anyone be able to help me with regards to this?
Thanx ...