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[wand@corwin.ccs.northeastern.edu: ''Update functions'' in Scheme.]

In case anyone cares:

   Date: Wed, 25 May 88 09:56:02 EDT
   From: Mitchell Wand <wand@corwin.ccs.northeastern.edu>
      Date: Mon, 23 May 88 18:01:34 EDT
      From: gls@think.com
	 Date: Sat, 21 May 88 13:59:33 EDT
	 From: Mitchell Wand <wand@corwin.ccs.northeastern.edu>

	   Now consider the array assignment  Y(A[.]) := 2 .  :-)

	 Umm, I will admit my ignorance.  Could you explain this joke?  --Mitch

      My notation was obscure, if not erroneous.  By A[.] I meant the
      array A considered as a unary function.  So the assignment means
      to change A so that its fixed point (or at least one of them) is 2.
      Assuming a principle of least change, that means the same as
      A[2] := 2.  (Do you agree?)

   I guess so. :-)  --Mitch