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SIOD release 1.1

I am interested in Scheme, and I know very little about it. I understand
that it is LISP done in a relatively compact, symmetrical, and orderly
way. That is what piqued my interest.

Some questions:

Is SIOD 1.1 a public-domain Scheme? If so, can I get source, and will
it run on my IBM PC/AT (80286 crummy segmented architecture) under
Microport UNIX SVr2?

What are some good books about Scheme and where can I get them?

Thanks in advance.
Marc de Groot (KG6KF)
UUCP: {hplabs, sun, ucbvax}!amdcad!uport!smegma!mdg
"Look, he's mounting a tape!" "Quick, throw cold water on him!"