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How many Schemes can your Vax take?

At Berkeley we have been using Sun (3/50) systems to run
rather large introductory courses.  Students use Emacs, C-scheme,
X-windows. While this is a noble experiment and has many
advocates, it is also money-intensive and slow.  We are interested in
comparing this to various hypothetical alternatives.  One  
presumably lower-cost configuration for which others may have useful
experience is time-shared access to a (probably largish) VAX (ULTRIX).
Can you offer data points on how many users can be supported reasonably?

To make the data collection simpler, perhaps you could fill
in the following table:

VAX model #:
megs of memory:
Do you use Emacs? Jove? Vi?
Do you use C-Scheme, Chez Scheme, T, other?
Typical number of users for "good" response:
Typical number for "marginally acceptable" response:

Major advantages or disadvantages:

Any other comments or advice:

Please respond directly to me, rather than to the mailing list. I will
summarize responses.