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[cmb%DERRZE0.BITNET: Clyde Camp's PC Scheme utilities?]

Date: Thu, 10 Mar 88  12:24:06 MET
From: cmb%DERRZE0.BITNET at CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU (Clemens Beckstein, IMMD VI - Uni Erlangen)
To:   scheme-request at mc.lcs.mit.edu
Re:   Clyde Camp's PC Scheme utilities?

Who can show me a way to the latest version of Clyde Camp's utilities
for PC Scheme (TI Scheme)?  The version I have (from a colleague who is
unreachable for quite some time) has compatibility problems with the new
PC Scheme V3.0 (e.g. the utility package NEWSTL.FSL because of the changed
READ-LINE function of Version 3.0 and UTILITY.FSL because of changes to
the set of MACRO handling PC Scheme functions).
I'd prefer a way via email from my BITNET account but a floppy transfer
is OK too...
-   Clemens Beckstein
c/o Dept. of Comp. Science #6
    University of Erlangen
    Martenstr. 3
    D-8520 Erlangen,  W.Germany
    email:  cmb@derrze0.bitnet   (derrze zero .bitnet)