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Gabriel benchmarks in Scheme

Someone asked for volunteers to collect/collate/report results for the
Scheme versions of the Gabriel benchmarks.  I volunteer, but it would be
better if we had a volunteer who wasn't associated with a Scheme vendor.
If you're thinking of volunteering, please re-read the comments in Gabriel's
book so you'll know what you're getting into.

I'm sending copies of the Gabriel benchmarks in Scheme to those of you
listed in the "cc:" line.  (If you don't receive a copy of this message,
then maybe I need a better address.)  They will be arriving in four parts,
each about 20K bytes.

Because the benchmarks are so large, I would in the future prefer to send a
Macintosh- or IBM PC-compatible floppy disk to those of you who can use them.
Please send requests for the source code to:

    Semantic Microsystems
    4470 SW Hall Blvd Suite 340
    Beaverton OR 97005
    (503) 643-4539

I'd appreciate a donation of $5 or so to cover the cost of the disk and its
shipping.  I suspect that's much less than it costs the network to transmit
these things.

William Clinger