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PC Scheme Error Handlers

With respect to the PC Scheme error handlers, send me a pair of
initialized DOS disks and a self-addressed STAMPED return mailer and
I'll send you a set of utilities which do what you want.  There is no
charge for this.  Also included are several menu shells,
window-handlers, on-line help utilities, keyboard utilities and
mechanisms for "pushing" new top-level loops as well as a new
top-level command-line editor with EMACS-like editing and UNIX-like
history (e.g. scroll through previous entries, edit the one you like
and submit it).

In the meantime, a very crude version of a user error handler can be
implemented as follows:

   (define foo (lambda (error-number irritant error-msg sys-error-handler)
      (... do your own thing ...)

   (set! *user-error-handler* foo)

This is covered (albeit briefly) in the section on breakpoints (pp3-6
thru 3-8) in the PC Scheme user's guide.  Make SURE your error handler
is bug free or you're in real trouble.

Clyde R. Camp
Texas Instruments, Incorporated
P.O. Box 655474  M/S 238
Dallas, TX   75266