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Wanted: extend-syntax for T

I am currently involved in hacking some T code as part of my thesis
work.  It dawns on me that Kohlbecker's "extend-syntax" macros would
simplify both the look and the coding of elements of this.

Problem:  I only have "extend-syntax" for MacScheme, and my brain
	isn't working very well right now.  If anyone has done the
	probably trivial modifications to make these work under 
	T, can you please send them to me?

Alternatively, you could give me a T macro which converts MacScheme
(macro ...) calls into T's (define-syntax ...) form.

Thanks once again..
Mark VandeWettering
markv@cs.uoregon.edu  \	Mark Terrence VandeWettering
University of Oregon   \  ..!tektronix!uoregon!markv	
Computer Science Dept.  \