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Re: self-replicating-code, self-replicating-messages

In article <8810241240.AA20497@tub-tfs.uucp> alti@tub-tfs.UUCP (Thorsten Altenkirch) writes:
>I find it more interesting to discuss things like self replicating
>code than technical details of SCHEME Implementations. Perhaps I am
>on the wrong mailing list. Is there one about functional-programming,
>lambda-calculus, theory and application ???

I haven't seen one but I certainly wouldn't mind.
By the way, why isn't there a comp.lang.ml?

	fun Y f x = f (Y f) x;
	fun fac x = Y (fn f => fn x => if x = 0 then 1 else x*f(x-1)) x;