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Re: Where/how to get Scheme for Suns?

In article <483@ccncsu.ColoState.EDU> olender@handel.CS.ColoState.EDU (Kurt Olender) writes:
>I am looking for an implementation of Scheme (no particular
>dialect) that will compile to native code for the Sun-3 
>workstation, preferable PD?  Can someone tell me who/where
>to contact?  Thanks
>	- Kurt Olender

After being irritated by the slowness of C-Scheme, I decided to try
the T dialect of Scheme.  It is available via anonymous from 
prep.ai.mit.edu in the "t" subdirectory.  Versions are available for the
Sun and the Vax.  I have used the sun version extensively, and find it 
very nice, and it compiles to very good native code.

There are some trivial differences between T and Scheme, but they
are both based on the R3RS, so problems should be minimal.